Taiyuan Low Price Of Pig Meat Prices Hurt Farmers Must Prevent Any Harm retaliatory Rally

Live pig market prices continued to decline, consumers advantage from an early run, but if the price of meat also remained towards the end edge of the enthusiasm is bound to hurt farmers. If Happy New Year 2018 Wallpapers , farmers may to help exit the industry, wellness and comfort lead to a substantial decline in the market supply of live pigs, meat prices are certainly easy to “roller coaster” effect caused by “retaliatory” rally.

2010 New year 2018’s Day, after the province of Taiyuan and even unapproved the market price of live pigs, after which New year 2018 round the live pig market has not produced significant positive possessions. After the Spring Festival, hog prices continued to trend down year 2018s back again. 3 At the end of the purchase 4.8 yuan Taiyuan pig / 500 grams, the associated with corn 0.85 yuan / 500 grams, pig grain price ratio is unique.6:1, 6:1 below the breakeven point. This should help reflect the cost of earnings data pig that pig farmers have been baffled.

Pig market down reason why? What will cause serious consequences? What is the trend predicted late show? April 8, National Bureau of Taiyuan, they leaders Huo Xiaoyong said in an interview, how to stabilize the pig market, stabilizing the livestock market and may affect the operation price level is immediate.

Raise a pig farmers 20 yuan loss

It can be found in Taiyuan canopy Yangqu County Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (Taiyuan fields and Food Group Co., Ltd. under the breeding Corp., Ltd., is the focus of Taiyuan Shangmao Wei determine pig breeding base) Chief Engineer Wong, head of production introduction, if farmers raise a pig to Counting economic accounts, to calculate the cost of investment, income and profit of three parts.

According to him, to Taiyuan around, for example, the average price of piglets is focused on 200 yuan, the raising of a pig Feed Total consumption to about 300 kilograms, according to 0.55 yuan per kg of mixed feed calculations, feed consumption to 660 yuan, gonna 45 per employee costs, costs of prevention and treatment takes 50 yuan, 5 yuan on average utilities, depreciation and other sheds loss to 20 yuan, total investment cost was 980 yuan. According to the company

Sell Head of High-manager briefing, no more the year 2018 3, Taiyuan around the typical price of live pigs for sale at getting.6 yuan per kg, 100 kg of slaughter pigs per head basis, slaughter a pig the normal income of 960 yuan.

High manager said since he calculated, slaughter a pig minus the all inclusive costs of 980 yuan salary of 960 yuan, or loss of 20 yuan per head of live pigs.

Pig market “economic crisis”

New year 2018 and recently been producing counties in the months of Taiyuan several pig studies 3 months Taiyuan National Bureau of Statistics survey team captain Huo Xiaoyong, combined using the investigation among the cause of Taiyuan hog prices continued to decline throughout the province and in many the significant reasons.

“The unique circumstances is how the excess manufacture of live pigs and pork consumption growth relative shortage of space, which like the pig market, the outbreak of the ‘economic crisis’.” According to Huo Xiaoyong introduction, latest market for live pigs, the pigs on make certain hand high slaughter volume filling the market, but additionally complicated sow breeding stock maintained for any high level, increased pig breeding deal in. Taiyuan livestock survey data show the end of the first quarter of 2010, pig herds are 177,100, of which 22,400 can be complicated sows, sows can be complicated to maintain the whataburger coupons.62% share of the higher level, resulting in the amount pig slaughter increased steadily. One in four of 51 600 slaughter pigs, fifteen.3% higher than the same period last year 2018, pork production of 4,185,900 tons, up six.2%. Can be said that present-day supply of adequate, sustained increase in pork be taken.

The other hand, area reduced pork consumption for growth, “market supply and demand determine price trends, increased supply of live pigs, pork consumption fell, in order to low hog prices, Revisited.”

More problem is that consumer psychology could be the impact of meat consumption is now an important factor.